Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hello Kitty Contact Lenses

Hello Kitty Contacts: Really

Hello Kitty Contact Lenses

Everywhere you look these days you see someone wearing one type or another of crazy contact lenses. I'm not talking colored lenses that change your eyes from brown to blue, I'm talking about all the different cool contacts (at least to some people) that used to be only for Halloween.

I bring up the topic of these contact lenses because the other day my 7 year old daughter saw someone wearing Hello Kitty contact lenses and declared that she wanted some. Of course I didn't rush right out to get her Hello Kitty contacts. Her eye sight is just fine and she is way to young to be wearing contact lenses, especially for cosmetic purposes.

However, watching her get excited about and wanting contact lenses just because they had Hello Kitty on them made me start thinking more about the Halloween contact lens craze that appears to be going on.

Celebrities Wear Crazy Contacts

They have become so popular that you often see celebrities wearing them, and not just for a role in a movie. Although not the craziest of contact lenses that are out there, Lady Gaga has become famous for her big eye contacts that she wears in her videos and on stage.

You will often see the club hip people wearing glow in the dark contact lenses while out on the town. Anime and manga shows have spawned lenses like the Nurato contacts. Of course their are the classic wolf, zombie and cat's eye contact lenses but additionally you will find movie specific lenses such as Twilight contact lenses. You can even find superhero contact lenses such as the Batman lenses that are currently for sale.

Of course teenagers and those in their early 20's make up the majority of customers for these types of contacts and companies seem to be marketing pretty well to them. But it makes me wonder if we might just see companies targeting younger children, such as my daughter, by creating lenses such as they Hello Kitty contact lenses.

Let's hope not and let's hope I can keep my daughter away from them for at least another 10 years.

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